Spots of Gold Bengals
Valley Springs, Ca.
(209) 351-2108
We are a family based Bengal cat breeder located in the
northern California foothills.

Our goal is to breed exceptional exotic F1 through SBT kittens
that are healthy with superb temperaments, wonderful markings
and that fantastic glittered pelt.

Our kittens and cats live in our home along with our many other
furred and feathered family members, and are part of our
family. Kittens raised this way have the best temperaments.

All of our kittens are handled from birth by us and treated as
part of the family. Each and every one of our cats are
handleable, friendly and enjoy attention.

We are a proud member of TICA and are also a member of
TIBCS. We are a family that truly loves the Bengal breed.  
I strongly believe that the Breeder, and how they treat
their cats, makes a real difference in the temperament,
and personality of the cat.

Socialization is a very important process that helps to promote
the unique and desirable Bengal personality traits.

This short clip explains the Bengal cat very well
Spots Of Gold      
Spots Of Gold      
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