Prior to bringing your new kitten home you are going to want do get a couple things.
First, you will want to pick up a cat carrier which will be useful throughout the life of your Bengal.
A heavy ceramic water bowl is recommended as bengals enjoy flipping those light flimsy ones right over!

What to Bring with you:  *Cat Carrier with small blanket or towel                                                      
                                            * Final Payment Balance due in Cash or by Paypal  (no checks)                 

  What we Send Home:   *Official Purebred TICA paperwork - If the cat is purchased as a breeder,         
                                                  We hold this until proof that the cat has been altered if purchased as a pet  
     *Health Vaccination Records                                        
   *Royal Canin ~ kitten starter pack                              

Bringing your new kitten home:
We suggest you set up his/her food, fresh water, and clean litter box in a bathroom or laundry room isolated
from other pets and young children.  We recommend this "quarantine" period last about 2 weeks.  It is
especially important that your kitten is given adequate time to settle in to his/her new home before introducing
other household pets.  After your kitten has become comfortable around you and your family, we recommend
slowly introducing him/her to the layout of the house. We suggest you frequently take kitty back to the litter
box so he/she can memorize where it is at and can access it from anywhere in the home.
Please supervise all visits until you are certain your kitten is safe and comfortable.

Your kitten will come litter box trained but be aware there will be a transition period in which the kitten must
become use to your home environment so do anticipate a little retraining. Keeping the initial living space
small and litter boxes close will help eliminate potential problems.

Cat Tree:                                                   
We suggest also investing in a cat tree for your new kitten which                                                                    
   most come with built-in irresistible sisal scratching posts.                                                                              
  They are relatively inexpensive and last a very long time.                                                                              
Bengals especially love residing in high places and hammocks.                                                                         
Cat wheels are also wonderful options to stimulate your Bengals.                                                                      

We highly recommend having a cat tree that's at least 3 feet tall                                                            
with at least one level useable for a place for the cat to sleep.                                                              
They will scratch and play and sleep on them. They recognize them                                                                
as their own special place. Cat trees can be relatively easy to make.                                                             

They should be located in a place that the family occupies                                                                  
frequently, in a lower traffic area                                                                      
(like a corner of a room vs. being next to a busy hallway)                                                                 
and having it located near a window where they                                                                  
can bask in the sun is always a bonus! ​                                                                 

Your kitten has been eating Royal Canin kitten food, we recommend staying with Royal Canin but If you do
choose to feed your kitten different food, do expect a short period of loose stools while the kitten’s digestive
tract becomes familiar with the new food. Your kitten will be used to being handled and being in a home
environment with children but do expect your kitten to be initially cautious or timid in his/her new
environment. Given time and space, your kitten’s natural curiosity should eventually lead him/her to explore
your new home and become comfortable. This transition time period is different for every kitten.
Toys will help to calm your kitten and bring out it's playful side.

Cats are naturally carnivores and Bengals are more so due to their ALC (Asian Leopard Cat) hybrid roots.
Therefore you should feed your Bengal both wet and dry food that is high in protein and grain-free.
Wet food is essential and helps with hydration. Dehydration due to a dry food only diet will stress the Liver
and can lead to a domino effect of problems. If you have ANY questions... never hesitate to call us!
Kittens don’t eat much dry food as it’s hard on the teeth and will eat mostly just wet food. Offer your kitten
an unlimited amount of wet food. Whenever the dish is empty, offer a little more. Kittens can eat as much as
2 cans of wet food a day. By 12 weeks, the kitten should start eating more dry food. By 16 weeks, you can start
to limit the wet food down to just one can a day since the dry food should make up the remaining dietary needs.
Spots Of Gold      
Spots Of Gold      
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What To Expect At Home
What To Expect At Home

We stand behind all of our kittens! Each of our Bengal Kittens are Veterinarian examined for general well
being and are in good health to the best of our knowledge prior to being placed in your home.  Every Kitten
​comes with 30 Days FREE Trupanion Health Insurance.

We will replace your Bengal for a period of One year from the date of birth if it develops a life-threatening
hereditary / genetic or congenital defect which would affect this Bengal's quality of life or if it dies of HCM.
Veterinary verification required. Cats that are not properly cared for and /or are not current
with veterinary visits and immunizations are not covered.

We believe that our kittens are our responsibility for the duration of their lives, thus we are always available
to assist you with questions or concerns regarding your feline friend.

If your Bengal Kitten is purchased as a pet, your kitten must be spayed or neutered before we will send your
registration papers. You will need to provide proof in the form of a picture of the receipt for this procedure
done by a licensed veterinarian on your particular cat by 5 months of age.

Parents are leukemia FeLV / FIV negative. Your kitten will be up to date with deworming, shots, and
vaccinations when he/she is ready to go home with you.  Spotsofgold Bengals will provide the TICA
registration application form ( blue slip ) when we have evidence that the kitten has been spayed or neutered.

If your kitten is purchased as a breeder:
Spotsofgold Bengals provides a one year (from birth) health guarantee for our Breeder Kittens. We
guarantee our breeder kittens against HCM for 2 years.
We guarantee SBT breeder kittens to be fertile both male and female.

We consider the health of our kittens to be our number One priority. We do all we can to decrease the
likelihood of disease / illness in our kittens, such as FIP, leukemia, HIV or upper respiratory infections. Even
with preventative measures, vaccinations, HCM testing we are unable to eradicate disease 100% of the time.  
No cattery can guarantee this for you. What we can guarantee is that we will be there for you
to assist you in dealing with whatever important issues may arise.

​You are adopting a very HIGH QUALITY Bengal Companion, who if properly cared for should provide you
with years of devoted love, affection and enjoyment. You as a new Bengal Cat owner agree to provide your
companion with a life-long commitment of love, appreciation, respect and responsible care.

​Bengal cats should NOT be allowed to run freely outside at any time!