SpotsofGold Bengals

Price and Conditions:  

Date of Sale:           All Deposits are Non Refundable

1. This cat/kitten has been purchased as a PET only. This cat/kitten will NOT be used
for breeding.The buyer is responsible to have this cat examined by a veterinarian within 7 days
after adoption. Kitten is guaranteed to be FIV and FeLV neg. and in good health at the time of pick up and for the period of
7 days thereafter. We do not guarantee against FIP unless it is checked and caught by a veterinarian within the first 7 days.
Any medical treatment is the responsibility of the buyer unless seller is first contacted when a deficiency is found during the
guarantee period..

2. Kitten is guaranteed against hereditary defects for up to one year. Defaults such as a tail fault, locket, or color changes
are not considered health issues. Should a hereditary defect appear in this time, it must be diagnosed by a licensed
veterinarian and must be documented.  If any deficiencies are found, kitten may be returned to the breeder for replacement,
one time only, of comparable quality and value, as soon as one becomes available. OR the kitten may be kept by the owner
and upon proof of alter, 50% of the purchase price will be credited towards another kitten of same quality (all shipping costs
will be covered by the buyer)

3. It is agreed that the kitten will be altered by 5 months of age.  Bengals can develop sexually very young and it is not in
the best interest of the kitten to postpone the spay/neuter past this point. Please do not use Ketamine anesthesia on
Bengals, they often have a hard time waking.

                    **********Some top quality cat/kittens will be altered before leaving for their new homes***********  
this will be at the discretion of Spotsofgold Bengals/ Valerie Bailon. Buyer agrees to pay in addition to the sell price the vet
bill for the alter of said cat/kitten, neuter cost is $75.00 and a spay is $150.00. Seller agrees to provide registration papers
for this cat/kitten upon presentation of a vets certificate of spay or neuter. (No exceptions) Failure to provide Seller with
proof of spay or neuter of said cat/kitten is a breach of this contract.


4.  If buyer at anytime decides to rehome said cat/kitten Spotsofgold Bengals will be given first opportunity to buy cat at
50% of the initial purchase price. If Spotsofgold Bengals/Valerie Bailon passes on cat, the animal must be spayed/neutered
before placing. Cat may NOT be resold, leased, or given to anyone else or used in any other cattery or placed in any other
home environment that is not with the original buyer unless prior authorization is given by Spotsofgold/Valerie Bailon.

5. By signing this contract or by placing the deposit, Buyer acknowledges that he/she has read over, understands and
agrees to this contract. This contract is legally binding to all parties involved. Neither party shall have the right to modify it
except by mutual agreement, in writing. Changes must be initialed by both parties. In the event of dispute, jurisdiction of this
contract shall be in the municipality of the Seller's residence.

                        Placing a deposit on this kitten means agreement to all terms and conditions of this contract

                                                                 Checks will be accepted for deposits
                                                            Final payment will need to be made in cash
                                                         Kitten must be picked up before 12 weeks of age
                                                                             unless otherwise agreed