Bengal Information
Bengal Information
♥ What happens if I don't alter the kitten in the specified amount of time? ♥
You will be signing a contract agreeing to alter your kitten by a specific date.  If you change your mind or
don't have the cat altered for any reason, you are in breach of your contract.  My contract states that you will
owe the difference between the pet price and the breeder price and, I reserve the right to repossess the cat.  
If you honestly change your mind and think you'd like to breed, contact me!
We can see if this kitten would be appropriate to start a breeding program with.  
Meet me at least half way and we'll see what we can work out.
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♥ What Exactly is a bengal cat? ♥
The name "Bengal" was derived from the name of the Asian leopard cat (P. b. bengalensis), and not from
the Bengal tiger. The Bengal breed began with a breeding of a domestic cat to an Asian Leopard, then bred
down from the females. The first, second, third, and sometimes fourth generation male cats are infertile.
Breeding now is strictly Bengal to Asian Leopard and Bengal to Bengal. Asian Leopards are slightly smaller
in size than domestic cats, although Bengals generally weigh between 6-18 pounds, males being larger.
The 1st through 4th generation from the Asian Leopard are called F-1s through F-4s, 'F' standing for Filial,
or the 'Foundation cats'. After the 4th generation they are called SBT's (Stud Book Tradition)
and can be eligible for showing and are considered domestic. Bengal cats are friendly outgoing and
energetic companions. They will follow you like a dog, come when called, learn to play fetch,
and can even be taught to use the toilet eliminating the need for a litter box!
♥ What is a Bengals Purr--sonality? ♥
Bengals are not for people who just want a leopard-print cat for decoration. They are extremely active and
intelligent, they love to explore and are alert to anything new in their environment. Bengals are very social
cats who will follow you around the house and "talk" to you.  This is a breed that can be taught the rules of
the house with minimal training, and adapts well to other pets in the home.  As with any breed of cat, they will
scratch if mistreated, however, they are dependable, predictable pets that do not lash out when unprovoked.
As long as your companion is neutered or spayed, there is not much difference between the sexes. Usually,
males tend to be more affectionate, and females are more independent, but females can be extremely
affectionate and loving as well. You can have shy males and really extroverted females, and vice versa.
It all depends on their own personality.
♥ What About Cat Allergies? ♥
Bengals are a wise choice for people with allergies; their sleek, tightly pelted coat seems to hold less
allergens. Sufferers claim that they can tolerate close facial contact with no reactions. Let me clarify that
when the claim is made that the Bengal Cat is hypoallergenic, the dictionary definition of hypoallergenic is
"Having a decreased tendency to provoke an allergic reaction"
Therefore, we are saying that Bengals are not as likely to cause the same type, or level,
of allergic reaction as do many other domestic cat.
♥ Litter Box Training: ♥
Our kittens have been litter box trained before leaving our home. Accidents will happen as your kitten is
young and may be nervous in a new environment. You must show your kitten where she/he can take care of
Often times cats like having their own cat box so if you are sharing and having one of the cats expelling
outside the box, try providing each cat their own box.... You may be surprised to find your problem is solved.
If kittens find an undesirable place to expel their feces or urine there are measures
you can take to correct this. Please contact us if you have trouble with this!
It is recommended to isolate your new kitten in a smaller environment for a few weeks (like a bathroom)
until it gets used to its new surroundings and caregivers. After that initial time period it will be more suitable
to allow him/her to get familiar with the larger atmosphere of your home. This is a good way to adjust a new
kitten into your home and be sure she/he will use the litter box while in a time period of adjustment.

REMEMBER!!! We are ALWAYS here for you after you purchase a kitten from us.
Our care for our kittens last their entire lifetime and does not end with the sale.
♥ Our Health Guarantee ♥
We guarantee our kittens to be healthy and free of any contagious disease on the date of sale,
guaranteed for a period of 7 days from the time of purchase with your vet check during that time.
Kittens are guaranteed in writing against congenital defects for one year from the date of birth.
♥ Neuter / spaying ♥
Some top quality kittens will be altered before leaving for their new homes, this will be at the discretion of
Spotsofgold Bengals. If the kitten is altered before leaving, the buyer will pay,
In addition to the sale price, the vet bill for the alter. Neuter cost is $75.00 and a spay is $150.00.
In general, all pets must be spayed/neutered by the age of 5 months.
Registration papers will be withheld until seller has proof of neuter/spay, by a licensed veterinarian.
♥ We Know Bengals aren't cheap, So really... what's the difference? ♥

$1200-$1500 = PET QUALITY  Bengals exhibit some traits that the                                                           
breeder does not wish to perpetuate. For example: a longer or thin tail,                                                            
a tail kink or locket, larger or pointier ears, too much vertical in the                                                                
pattern, color and clarity of the coat, etc.  None of these things put                                                                 
the kitten at a health risk or make it any less of a bengal, but it does                                                                 
eliminate that kitten from being in a breeding program and improving                                                            
the breed. Most often the quality that distinguishes pet quality from                                                              
a breeding quality bengal is subtle.                                                                      

                                         $1500-$2500=TOP QUALITY Bengals exhibit traits that the breeder
                                                 does wish to perpetuate in the breed. Some top quality kittens may exhibit
                                               traits that fall within the pet quality traits however the breeder may feel
                                                that the bengal has other attributes to offer that outweighs other factors.
                                                These kittens represent good examples of the breed, for this reason we do
                                             allow showing in the alter class. Top quality kittens carry the genes and
                                potential to produce as good as themselves, if not better!    

$2500 and up=BREEDER/SHOW QUALITY Bengals are those                                                              
the best meet the breed standard for breed type, pattern, coloration                                                                 
and confirmation. These are the top of the line that exhibit the best                                                                 
of the best...wild and exotic face, good profile and chin, great                                                             
rosetting, with little to no barring, short fat tail, good body                                                             
confirmation, small rounded ears,etc.                                                                    
These are the very best that we have to offer.                                                                        
Early generation kitten prices range from $2000 and up for males, $4000 and up for females

Prices vary depending on quality and situation.  Each kitten is priced individually depending on sex, age,
quality of coat, contrast and color, and quality to the confirmation of the bengal breed standard.
Prices are subject to change either up or down until kitten is secured with a deposit.
Once a deposit is placed, the price is set and will not change.  
$250 non-refundable deposit will hold your pet kitten or $500 for a breeder deposit

We will not sell pet quality cats as breeders, but we will sell breeder quality cats as top quality pets.  Our
policy is to only sell our best kittens as breeders.  The kitten’s price will be higher or lower depending on the
kitten’s color, markings and overall structure. Prices may also be reduced if our kittens need to be homed
quickly to make way for new litters. Our price includes all vaccinations for the kitten’s age, deworming, and
a vet health check before the kitten leaves our cattery.  
♥ What is the process for buying a Kitten? ♥
Please DO NOT send a deposit until we have been able to discuss what it is that you are looking for.
Our preference is to communicate by e-mail first, as this is the most efficient way for us to send contracts,
communicate with potential clients and there is less likelihood of miscommunication.  We are available by
phone however to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  (209) 351-2108

Our kittens sell very quickly and sometimes several people may be interested in the same kitten.  For this
reason, we DO NOT hold kittens without a deposit. Most of the time our kittens are sold before ever making it
to the website, so please contact us about potential new litters.
We understand that you may be disappointed, but if we have another buyer who places their deposit before
you do, the kitten will be reserved for them, regardless of how long you have been in communication with us.  
We have had buyers miss out by 15 minutes on their chosen kitten because they did not send in their deposit,
so if you are really interested in one of our kittens, we would urge you to act quickly.

Once you have filled out the contract, and reserved your kitten with a deposit, we will post updates of your
kitten (typically every other week on our sold page) until the kitten is picked up.  
We usually keep our kittens until they are 12 weeks of age, depending on the development of the kitten, when
we believe it is physically, mentally and socially ready to leave the nest. If we feel that the kitten is ready to
leave earlier, we will let you know. Similarly, if we need to hold a kitten longer, we will also let you know.
A confident bengal is the best kind of bengal!  

The balance is due in cash when the kitten is picked up, or prior to the kitten being shipped
(24 hours prior to any shipment).  Final payment needs to be in the form of cash or paypal.